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Questions Jesus Asked | Pastor Chris Bower

Continuing the series on Questions Jesus Asked, Pastor Chris Bower highlights the question "Who do you say that I am?"

Pastor Roger Sims | 05/29/22

Pastor Roger talks about the importance of Prayer and Worship

THE Name | Don Crum

Guest Speaker Don Crum shares on the importance of THE name of Jesus.

The Missing Ingredients to Abundance | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris Bower shares on what the missing ingredients to abundance are.

Questions Jesus Asked | Pastor Chris Bower

Are you beautifully wasted? Continuing the series on "Questions Jesus asked", Pastor Chris Bower explains what it means to be beautifully wasted.

Questions Jesus Asked | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam Fisher continues the series on questions Jesus asked.

Questions Jesus Asked | Pastor Chris Bower

In this new sermon series Pastor Chris Bower speaks on the Questions for Losers

Blessed When I'm Uncommonly Committed | Pastor Chris Bower

In his final sermon in the illumin8 series, Pastor Chris Bower reveals the 5 uncommon commitments to God's kingdom.

Blessed When I Bring Peace | Pastor Chris Bower

In this sermon, Pastor Chris Bower highlights the importance of being a carrier of peace.

Blessed When My Motives Are Right | Pastor Chris Bower

In this sermon, Pastor Chris Bower expounds on what it means to be pure at heart.

Blessed When I Give What I've Gotten | Pastor Chris Bower

"The ultimate act of God's Mercy is His Grace...Mercy and Grace are the foundations of the New Testament."

Blessed When I'm Hungry | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam Fisher continues our "Illumin-8" series on the Beatitudes with blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Blessed When I'm Under Control | Pastor Chris Bower

We avoid extremes when God is in control of our life.

Blessed When I Stop Doing It My Way | Pastor Chris Bower

God Blesses us when we recognize our inability so we can connect with His ability.

Prayer Power| Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam Fisher makes 10 observations from Jesus' prayer life that will help us to be effective when we pray.

Prayer and Prophecy Go Hand in Hand | Pastor Corey Hooper

Pastor Corey Hooper reveals the importance of prayer in our lives and how we should all embrace Prophecy as one of the gifts God has given us.

ThankFULL: God Is With Us | Pastor Sam Fisher

It is time we look to the Lord, the time we call upon the Holy Spirit, and we thank God for His grace, His mercy and His faithfulness!

ThankFULL: For The Names | Pastor Chris Bower

There are close to 1000 names and descriptive words used to express God in the Bible. Through this message, Pastor Chris focuses on Lord of Peace, Healer and the name ...

ThankFULL: For A Comeback | Pastor Roger Sims Jr.

It is time for a comeback! Time to come back to a reverence of God, come back to surrender, come back to the Word and come back to your first love.

ThankFULL: To Serve | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris describes the 3 possible attitudes we have about serving. Even Jesus did not come to earth to be served but to serve.

Control Freak: Control Your Money | Pastor Sam Fisher

Control your money, do not let it control you. When it comes to money, it is all about the posture of your heart. Are their aspects of your finances that you need to t...

Control Freak: Control Your Mind | Pastor Chris Bower

"Wrong thoughts are like weeds. If we don’t control them they take over. Treat every thought as you would a plant. If it is worthy, water it. If not, remove it. And re...

Identi5: Making Disciples Part 2 | Pastor Chris Bower

We have built NCC to make disciples. Disciples that will go to all the world and make more disciples. D.L. Moody says "It is better to train ten people to do the wor...

Identi5: Making Disciples | Pastor Chris Bower

Why Do We Disciple? So that we can prophesy by the Spirit and the breath of God will cause us to live. So we can come into unity, and walk in a manner worthy of our ca...

Identi5: Culturally Diverse

Pastor Chris walks through Acts 2, showing the importance of the church being culturally diverse. "God's heart has always been for all nations".

Family at Church: NCC's 19th Birthday | Pastor Sam Fisher

One of the greatest privileges we get as followers of Jesus Christ today is the privilege to be part of His Church... His Body. One of the greatest responsibilities we...

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