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The God I Never Knew: Gifts of the Holy Spirit | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam walks through the gifts of the Spirit, which can be found in 1 Corinthians 12. He talks about how the Holy Spirit lives inside of each of us and loves to give us gifts.

The God I Never Knew: The Grand Entrance | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris speaks on the grand entrance of the Holy Spirit. Through the Word, we can see that it was better that Jesus left the earth because it made room for God to no longer live among us, but dwell in us.

The God I Never Knew | Pastor Sam Fisher

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is God, a person and a friend. The Holy Spirit wants to live in you, and be with you. He loves and cares for you deeply. He is inviting you into the most intimate and beneficial relationship on earth. And all you have to do is to say Yes… receive Him!

2nd Chance People: Loser's Club | Pastor Chris Bower

"Jesus loves losers, in Luke 19, he said he came to seek and save the lost (the loser). The best news is when he finds us we’re no longer lost nor are we losers. Now I’m in God’s family and I came with all of my mess but He is a redeemer of mess and restorer of broken, and rehabber of destiny."

2nd Chance People: Move The Fence | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris challenges us to move the fence. He challenges us to go the extra mile and even pray for our enemies.

2nd Chance People: We Can't Be Silent | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris brings the Word and tells us why we cannot remain silent. "You are saved, called out of darkness, transformed into a people for His own possession SO you can tell out, declare abroad, to make known by praising or proclaiming the greatness of God. Our friendship with God will not allow us to be silent."

No Baggage: Fear and Unforgiveness | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam walks us through practical ways to unpack the baggage of fear and unforgiveness. Hebrews 13:20-21

Destroying The Roots Of Bondage | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris walks us through 2 Corinthians 10 and discusses that the seeds of bondage will sprout roots if we don’t allow the Lord to deal with our soulish baggage. We are called to pick up our mighty spiritual weapons and start knocking down strongholds.

Lord Willing: Perspective | Pastor Sam Fisher

"My encouragement for today is that when things in life are looking way too big to handle, or are you really feeling intimidated by the “size” of what you are facing… change your perspective. Take a look at His heavenly perspective. Just imagine how small our biggest problem looks from there! Remember, He is our heavenly Father!"

Lord Willing: Living Water | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam takes us through Genesis 26 and challenges us to keep digging our well so that we can be a well-source for others. "The only way we are going to experience the beauty and blessing of God in our life is to constantly live in the flow of His life giving presence… The Holy Spirit!"

Lord Willing: Holiness | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris walks us through Genesis 32 as we discuss holiness. "Holiness is not a box to be checked. Instead, it is a lifestyle of seeking God, which influences our decisions."

Update from Honduras | Pastor Alvin Anderson

Brother Alvin Anderson brings an update from the mission field in Honduras. He discusses the realities of living in Honduras and our call to be the church in the midst of chaos.

Prepare the Way Through Prayer | Pastor Roger Sims Jr.

Pastor Roger takes us through 4 points on prayer: Prayer is a value proposition, it is NOT the IT support hotline. Prayer is a lifestyle, it is NOT a program. Prayer is the most powerful thing a Christian can do. Prayer is not about you. We don’t have a broken nation because the government took prayer out of schools, we have a broken nation because the church took prayer out of homes.

Prepared Through Praise | Pastor Chris Bower

Corporate praise unifies us to do what we’ve been called to do and fills us full of hope for the destiny that he’s called us to fulfill together. We are strengthened as we praise together, not just in song but in preaching and testimony and prayer. We show a heart of praise when we strengthen each other by showing mercy and grace, by carrying each other’s hurts and troubles.

Shine The Light | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris shares a Christmas message we all need this year. The pastors and staff wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Soul Fed or Spirit Led | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris brought a great word about whether we are soul fed or spirit led. He uses Hebrews 4 to explain the difference between our soul and spirit. "The more we walk with the Lord, the more our soul responds to our spirit. This is good but we can fall into a place of making good decisions from our soul instead of God-decisions from our spirit."

Eternity | Guest Pastor Jeremy Petty

Pastor Jeremy preached a message asking us whether we look at our lives as temporary or eternal. He discusses what it looks like to have an eternal perspective that brings more people into the Kingdom of God.

Philippians 4: I Know The Secret | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris walks us through Philippians 4 as he shows us the secrets of Paul's joy-filled life. Keep your joy tank full, turn your worry into prayer, you don't always have to understand to receive and keep your thoughts in check. "When you are united with the anointed one, you rely on your heavenly nature, not your human nature."

Philippians 3: A Life That Counts | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam leads us through Philippians 3 and describes how to live a life that counts. "Giving up everything to gain Christ is really giving up nothing to gain everything!"

Philippians 2: I See People | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris titled his message "I See People" to emphasize in order to look after the needs of others, we have to look at others. We have to see them and their perspective. "If we don't act like Christ, we are just a book club that meets on Sundays."

Philippians 1: Prisoner of Joy | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris walks us through Philippians 1. He discusses how Paul was a prisoner of joy regardless of his circumstances or surroundings. We need to have joy in prayer and joy in the process. Joy can remain when happiness is fleeting.

Decisions That Will Change Your Life: Serve | Pastor Roger Sims Jr.

Pastor Roger brings a good word about serving. He asks four questions: Who am I serving? Why do I serve? What does it mean to serve? and How does this apply to me? "Your worship must be authentic, and the same goes for your serving."

Decisions That Will Change Your Life: Connect | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris walks through Luke 9 to show us how to connect. There are three things that must be present if we're going to connect with God's vision for NCC. First, we must connect with the cost. Second, we must connect with the mission. Finally, we must connect with the process. "The Kingdom is not being served if you are not being equipped."

Decisions That Will Change Your Life: Stay | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam brings a word on staying instead of running or moving on your own. He talks about how we need to stay close to the Father and focus on His presence. We need to stay faithful in His process and stay fastened to His promises.

Evangelism | Wade Aaron

Wade Aaron, from Time to Revive Ministries, speaks about evangelism and our call to love those around us. He talks about how we need to be bold in our faith and strive to show the love of Christ to everyone we come in contact with.

Decisions That Will Change Your Life: Go! | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris brings a good word on the decision to go. He walks through different instances in the Bible where individuals were told to go. Through each story in the Bible, we find that we need to go with faith, courage, confidence and purpose.

Characteristics of a Shepherd | Pastor Chris

As we get ready to reveal the new Shepherds in our church, Pastor Chris describes the characteristics of a shepherd. A shepherd must be bold, spiritually sensitive, must seek Jesus and be quick to obey. Most importantly, a shepherd must know it's all about Jesus.

The Shepherd and The Sheep | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam starts our new series on the Shepherd and the sheep. He makes three points which include the Shepherd provides for us, protects us and the Shepherd's presence is with us. Not only is the Shepherd's presence with us, it pursues us on a daily basis. He focuses on Psalms 23 and reminds us of how we are sheep and God is the Shepherd.

How to be Spiritually Violent | Pastor Chris Bower

"The definition of violent in this context is to forcibly enter or to be excessively zealous and passionate... Am I forcibly entering the Kingdom and seizing freedom? Am I excessively zealous and passionate about my freedom and others' freedom?.. Our ultimate weapon is the life of God flowing through us. No demonic bondage or scheme can stand in the presence of God because death and life cannot occupy the same space."

Who is God: God is Love | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam preaches on the fact that God is love. Love is a noun and a verb when it comes to God. Love is who He is and what He does. He is infinitely and perfectly love in all of His ways. Everything God thinks, does, plans is completely in love.

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