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ThankFULL: For A Comeback | Pastor Roger Sims Jr.

It is time for a comeback! Time to come back to a reverence of God, come back to surrender, come back to the Word and come back to your first love.

ThankFULL: To Serve | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris describes the 3 possible attitudes we have about serving. Even Jesus did not come to earth to be served but to serve.

Control Freak: Control Your Money | Pastor Sam Fisher

Control your money, do not let it control you. When it comes to money, it is all about the posture of your heart. Are their aspects of your finances that you need to t...

Control Freak: Control Your Mind | Pastor Chris Bower

"Wrong thoughts are like weeds. If we don’t control them they take over. Treat every thought as you would a plant. If it is worthy, water it. If not, remove it. And re...

Identi5: Making Disciples Part 2 | Pastor Chris Bower

We have built NCC to make disciples. Disciples that will go to all the world and make more disciples. D.L. Moody says "It is better to train ten people to do the wor...

Identi5: Making Disciples | Pastor Chris Bower

Why Do We Disciple? So that we can prophesy by the Spirit and the breath of God will cause us to live. So we can come into unity, and walk in a manner worthy of our ca...

Identi5: Culturally Diverse

Pastor Chris walks through Acts 2, showing the importance of the church being culturally diverse. "God's heart has always been for all nations".

Family at Church: NCC's 19th Birthday | Pastor Sam Fisher

One of the greatest privileges we get as followers of Jesus Christ today is the privilege to be part of His Church... His Body. One of the greatest responsibilities we...

Art of Family: Family at Home | Pastor Sam Fisher

"When God created family He did so with great purpose in mind: to be a living picture of His love to all people, to be a safe place to grow, to be a place of relations...

Pastor Barry Cross | Hope Church Warrington UK

Pastor Barry Cross brings an amazing word all the way from England. This message is an encouragement in the midst of the journey God has called each of us to.

Jesus Lite: Friend or Fraud | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris breaks down one of our core values: Inclusive of Others. We welcome everyone no matter what their story is. He uses Luke 4 to show us that Jesus includes ...

Jesus Lite: Selfless or Selfish | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam brings an important message on being selfless instead of selfish. "A big concern on my heart is how much we are missing in our own lives because we live in ...

Jesus Lite: Committed or Crowd | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris walks through Luke 19 and describes the difference between someone who is committed versus someone who stands in the crowd.

Jesus Lite: Childlike or Childish | Pastor Roger Sims Jr.

Pastor Roger brings the Word about whether we are walking as a child of God or acting childish. He breaks down 1 Corinthians 13 into 4 phases: Decision, Reasoning, Thi...

Jesus Lite: Passionate or Passive | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris speaks on the importance of being passionate, why we are passionate and the results of being passionate instead of passive.

Jesus Lite: Destiny or Day Dream | Pastor Chris Bower

To stop only dreaming and start recognizing destiny we need to awaken a 1. Zeal for the Kingdom 2. Purpose in the Kingdom 3. Recognition that we are Children of the...

Dad: The Super Soldier | Pastor Chris Bower

Dad, you may feel like you’re the Steve Rogers before the super serum but the Holy Spirit lives in you as a believer and he has anointed and destined you to be super. ...

I Might Need A Muzzle | Pastor Chris Bower

"Our faith, trust, belief in the authority of and power of the resurrected Christ is evident in the words that we speak. Do we proclaim blessing or cursing, life or de...

The A.P.P. For Life | Pastor Roger Sims

Pastor Roger walks us through what it looks like to walk in Authority, Permission and Power all from the Holy Spirit.

Why We Need Pentecost | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris brings a great message on why we still need Pentecost today.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam walks us through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Mother's Day | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris shows us how the Holy Spirit shines through mothers for our Mother's Day message.

The God I Never Knew: Gifts of the Holy Spirit | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam walks through the gifts of the Spirit, which can be found in 1 Corinthians 12. He talks about how the Holy Spirit lives inside of each of us and loves to gi...

The God I Never Knew: The Grand Entrance | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris speaks on the grand entrance of the Holy Spirit. Through the Word, we can see that it was better that Jesus left the earth because it made room for God to...

The God I Never Knew | Pastor Sam Fisher

Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is God, a person and a friend. The Holy Spirit wants to live in you, and be with you. He loves and cares for you deeply. He i...

2nd Chance People: Loser's Club | Pastor Chris Bower

"Jesus loves losers, in Luke 19, he said he came to seek and save the lost (the loser). The best news is when he finds us we’re no longer lost nor are we losers. Now I...

2nd Chance People: Move The Fence | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris challenges us to move the fence. He challenges us to go the extra mile and even pray for our enemies.

2nd Chance People: We Can't Be Silent | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris brings the Word and tells us why we cannot remain silent. "You are saved, called out of darkness, transformed into a people for His own possession SO you ...

No Baggage: Fear and Unforgiveness | Pastor Sam Fisher

Pastor Sam walks us through practical ways to unpack the baggage of fear and unforgiveness. Hebrews 13:20-21

Destroying The Roots Of Bondage | Pastor Chris Bower

Pastor Chris walks us through 2 Corinthians 10 and discusses that the seeds of bondage will sprout roots if we don’t allow the Lord to deal with our soulish baggage. W...

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